Business Development (TCOB) Committee

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Committee Leaders
Convener: Ivy Craig
Scribe and Director: Diane Ludy

McLean has a bustling local economy with a vibrant retail and dining sector as well as service sector, manufacturing, and more. A variety of incentives and programs assist business owners in starting, relocating, or expanding a business in McLean.

1. Create a consistent, attractive signage system
2. Research incentives, grants, subsidies, and tax breaks to encourage business growth
3. Draft a marketing plan
4. Work with IDOT to improve signage on Interstate 55 and Route 136
5. Survey community to identify business opportunities

Current and Ongoing Projects, Programs, Events, and Activities

  • New Signage for Local Attractions: CORE created a new series of signs directing residents and tourists alike to all of the businesses and attractions the village has to offer. These new signs will be structured in a way that changes can be made at any time, so any new businesses and attractions that come can be easily added!
  • Grant Assistance for Local Businesses: CORE is helping local businesses identify relevant grant funding to help with their ventures.

Regular Monthly Meeting Schedule (except December)
1st Thursday @ 6:15 pm at the Mt. Hope–Funks Grove Library