Water Tower Park

core of mclean tree icon

We established a small park under the old McLean water tower in 2019. The park is now home to a thriving garden of native and pollinator-friendly plants and provides a space where anyone is welcome to meet, have lunch, watch bees and butterflies come and go, or just relax on the outdoor furniture.

More recently, as a fundraiser and celebration of our community, we asked McLean residents and the wider public to sponsor pavers, which we installed as a walking path in the park. We hope to expand this path in the coming years.

We have also installed signage to educate the public on the types of plants in the park, and the park is now part of the Route 66 Monarch Flyway.

We partnered with the Village on this project. The public works department poured the concrete pad under the tower, and when we purchased fixtures for the park (table, bench, trash can), the public works department also installed these for us. Our volunteers continue to maintain this park with lots of weeding, fresh mulch annually, and the occasional addition of new plants.

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